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Get Fast Emergency Loans in Canada - Instant Cash for Urgent Needs Even with Bad Credit

Emergency loans in Canada serve as a crucial financial resource for individuals facing unexpected monetary crises, offering a swift solution when other forms of credit may not be viable. These loans can be particularly beneficial to individuals with bad credit, as lenders like Focus Financial assess applicants based on their banking activity rather than their credit history, making these funds more accessible during emergencies. Considering an emergency loan from providers such as Focus Financial in Ontario can provide quick financial relief and numerous benefits, especially when immediate cash is needed to mitigate the impact of unforeseen expenses.

What Are Emergency Loans and How They Can Help in Crisis

In times of financial distress, individuals can turn to emergency loans, a form of payday lending offered by Focus Financial, as a viable method for meeting immediate monetary needs. Emergency loans in Canada serve as an accessible option for securing emergency money or instant emergency loan when unexpected expenses arise. These loans offer the convenience of receiving emergency cash immediately, with the added benefit of being available even to those with bad credit. Dubbed as urgent loans or emergency same day loans, they provide quick solutions during financial crises. Despite varying provincial regulations regarding payday lending, Focus Financial remains steadfast in offering emergency payday loans that adhere to legal standards while prioritizing customer welfare. This leads us to the discussion on applying for an emergency loan with bad credit in Canada.

How to Apply for Emergency Loans with Bad Credit in Canada

Applying for urgent financial aid with a poor credit history is made possible through the streamlined online application process provided by online payday loan companies. Focus Financial, for instance, offers emergency loans with bad credit in Canada. The process involves:

  • Submitting an online application that requires no invasive questions or unnecessary paperwork
  • Ensuring income is from verified sources such as Employment, EI, CPP
  • Awaiting approval which typically happens within business hours on the same day of application

This approach allows Canadians to apply and access emergency loans even with poor credit histories. It's important to understand that these services are regulated at both provincial and federal levels to ensure compliance and consumer protection. With this knowledge, let's consider when it could be necessary to seek immediate emergency cash in Canada.

When to Consider Emergency Cash Immediately in Canada

Immediate cash needs may arise under various circumstances, such as unforeseen medical expenses, urgent car repairs, or unexpected home maintenance costs. In these situations, securing emergency cash immediately in Canada can be crucial. Focus Financial provides the option of an emergency payday loan to residents of Alberta and Ontario, offering instant funding on the same day. These short-term personal loans are specifically designed for those with bad credit who need quick access to funds during a financial crisis. The application process is straightforward and entirely online, offering convenience in times of stress. As we transition into our next discussion point – the significant role these loans play during financial emergencies – it's important to remember that an emergency loan can indeed be a lifesaver when handled responsibly.

Why Emergency Loans for Bad Credit Are a Lifesaver

Access to short-term personal loans for individuals with poor credit scores can significantly alleviate financial distress during unexpected events. Emergency loans from Focus Financial, a trusted direct lender in Canada, offer fast approval and cash accessibility even for those with bad credit. Being unsecured, these loans do not require collateral. This feature proves to be a lifesaver during emergencies where immediate funds are needed and the borrower's credit score is less than ideal. Despite their bad credit history, borrowers can rely on the assistance of Focus Financial in providing them with the necessary resources amidst unforeseen circumstances. Thus, emergency loans from Focus Financial emerge as a reliable solution for managing sudden financial needs in Canada. Understanding this allows one to appreciate the benefits of choosing an emergency loan in Ontario for quick solutions.

The Benefits of Choosing Emergency Loan in Ontario for Quick Solutions

Opting for a short-term loan in Ontario can offer rapid solutions to unforeseen financial challenges. Emergency loans from Focus Financial provide an accessible, quick solution for individuals requiring urgent monetary assistance. The company's no credit check policy ensures that even those with bad credit can access necessary funds. Their process is designed to be instant and easy, making it one of the fastest methods available for obtaining emergency funds. This online payday lender operates within Ontario's regulatory framework, ensuring transparency and legal compliance in their transactions. As such, when faced with unpredictable financial difficulties, Ontarians find relief in these short-term loans from Focus Financial. Now let's delve into how an instant emergency loan serves as a fast and reliable source of financial support.

Instant Emergency Loan: Fast and Reliable Financial Support

Recognizing the urgency of emergency financial needs, Focus Financial offers an instant emergency loan service available 24/7 to Canadians. This critical financial lifeline extends its services even to those with bad credit, making it a feasible option in times of unanticipated monetary distress. With features specifically designed for immediate requirements and viable options such as Emergency Loan in Alberta, our financial support mechanism ensures prompt, reliable assistance tailored to address varying circumstances.

How to Access Instant Emergency Loan 24/7 in Canada

Instant emergency loans from Focus Financial in Canada can be easily obtained through an entirely digital and 24/7 accessible application process, with same-day processing typically completed within an hour. This service has been regarded as one of the best among online loan companies due to its quick response time and reliable service.

  • An etransfer method ensures funds are received promptly upon approval.
  • The 24/7 accessibility allows customers instant access to financial support whenever needed.
  • Focus Financial's credibility as a licensed lender provides assurance of secure transactions.
  • Emergency loans are designed to cater for unexpected expenses, making them ideal for immediate needs.
  • The absence of credit checks enables applicants with bad credit or no credit history to apply.

Next, it is essential to understand certain aspects while seeking emergency loans with bad credit.

What You Need to Know About Emergency Loans with Bad Credit

Understanding the nuances involved in applying for an emergency loan with bad credit is crucial to ensure a smooth transaction and repayment process. Focus Financial provides emergency loans to individuals across Canada, including Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, regardless of their credit history.

What You Need to Know Details
Who Can Apply? Individuals 19+, employed or receiving specific income types
How Much Can Be Borrowed? $100-$1,500
Where Is Service Available? Nationwide (including Toronto,Vancouver,Calgary)
What Is The Application Process? Entirely online; no credit checks required
When Are Funds Received? Usually within 30 minutes of approval

Bad credit does not hinder your ability to secure funds from Focus Financial when faced with emergencies. Knowing this information can be beneficial when an emergency payday loan becomes your financial lifeline.

When an Emergency Payday Loan Can Be Your Financial Lifeline

Having comprehended the nuances of securing emergency loans with bad credit, it becomes evident that an emergency payday loan from Focus Financial could be a financial lifeline in times of need. Serving customers across Canada, this online lending institution offers almost guaranteed approval and quick money transfers. The seamless application process requires no documents to be faxed or emailed, making it expedient for those encountering sudden financial emergencies. Due to its almost no refusal policy based on banking activity instead of credit history, Focus Financial's payday loan can provide a swift express rescue. However, these benefits should be carefully weighed against the cost and potential risks associated with such loans. Next, let's delve deeper into understanding the features of emergency money for immediate needs without using 'step.'

Understanding the Features of Emergency Money for Immediate Needs

The features of immediate financial assistance for urgent needs are numerous and varied, offering solutions tailored to individuals' circumstances. For instance, Focus Financial provides emergency loans in various locations such as Ottawa, Mississauga, Hamilton, London, BC, Alberta and Edmonton. Customers can access these services without the constraint of physical boundaries as they are available online. This accessibility allows customers to find help 'near me,' even during the weekend when traditional lending institutions may be closed. Whether one resides in a bustling mart or a quiet neighbourhood in Alberta or BC, the company's digital platform ensures convenience and immediacy in financial support. As we probe further into this topic, we'll delve into how an emergency loan in Alberta can act as reliable financial assistance during pressing times.

Exploring Emergency Loan in Alberta for Reliable Financial Assistance

In Alberta, the possibility of obtaining a payday loan through an online platform like Focus Financial can provide a viable solution for those in urgent need of financial assistance. This option is accessible to residents in various cities, including Brampton, Markham, Vaughan, Kitchener, Windsor, Lethbridge, St Albert, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie and Airdrie. As the company operates 24/7 digitally without any requirement for physical documents or credit checks, it offers convenience and almost instant approval during business hours. The loan amount is capped at $1,500 or 50% of the borrower's paycheque and carries a fee of $15 per $100 borrowed. These emergency loans cater to a range of individuals irrespective of their credit history. Next up is an examination on 'emergency same day loans: quick solutions for urgent needs'.

Emergency Same Day Loans: Quick Solutions for Urgent Needs

Emergency same day loans are a crucial element in financial planning, offering a rapid solution to unforeseen expenses and helping maintain liquidity during crisis periods. These loans are especially beneficial for borrowers with bad credit in Canada as they provide immediate funding without necessitating a credit check, thereby ensuring that individuals' urgent needs are met promptly irrespective of their credit history. It is important to consider emergency payday loans during times of financial emergencies due to their easy accessibility and swift approval processes, further emphasizing the significance of understanding the advantages of these loans within your financial strategy.

Why Emergency Same Day Loans Are Essential in Financial Planning

Same day loans from Focus Financial play a pivotal role in financial planning, particularly when unanticipated costs arise. These services are essential for British Columbians across Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Kelowna, Langley, Saanich and Delta. They provide an efficient solution to handle financial emergencies swiftly.

City Role of Same Day Loans
Surrey Swift financial help during unexpected expenses
Burnaby Quick cash aid in sudden financial need
Richmond Instant money source for urgent costs
Abbotsford Immediate assistance during monetary emergencies

Despite the borrower's credit status or past bankruptcies they can still access emergency same day loans which further underscores their importance in financial planning. The next section discusses how emergency loans with bad credit in Canada offer instant funding.

How Emergency Loans with Bad Credit in Canada Offer Instant Funding

Despite a borrower's adverse credit status, instant funding is still achievable in Canada through bad credit loans provided by companies like Focus Financial. Irrespective of the borrower's location – from Red Deer to Spruce Grove or even Leduc – these faxless, online loans are designed to meet urgent financial needs before a looming deadline. The definition of an emergency varies for each individual, and thus flexibility has become integral in offering these services. By improving their digital platforms and developing user-friendly interfaces, firms such as Focus Financial are becoming pivotal in getting immediate financial support to those with poor credit scores. In essence, these emergency loans serve as a lifeline for Canadians experiencing temporary monetary strains. This raises the question: what makes an emergency loan with bad credit in Canada ideal for urgent needs?

What Makes Emergency Loan with Bad Credit in Canada Ideal for Urgent Needs

Providing immediate funding to those facing urgent financial needs, online payday loans for individuals with poor credit are gaining prominence in the Canadian lending market. Emergency loans with bad credit from Focus Financial are becoming an ideal solution due to several reasons:

  • They do not require a high credit score, forming an accessible option for many.
  • The age requirement is just 19 years old, meaning they cater to a wide demographic.
  • There's no need for collateral, creating less risk for borrowers.
  • The approval process is quick and efficient, which causes less stress during emergencies.

This convenience and accessibility mean that these payday loans are especially beneficial when unexpected financial situations arise. As we delve into the subsequent section, consider 'when to utilize emergency payday loans during financial crises'.

When to Consider Emergency Payday Loans for Financial Emergencies

In the face of sudden financial hardships, individuals often find themselves contemplating the use of payday loans to alleviate their monetary strain. This decision becomes crucial when unexpected situations arise, which demand immediate financial attention. These might include urgent medical expenses, emergency home repairs or last-minute bill payments. Over the years, Focus Financial has become a reliable resource for those seeking emergency payday loans in Canada. The reason why people consider this option is due to its fast approval process and minimal requirements, removing lengthy procedures that traditional lenders impose. It's essential to understand when an emergency loan is most appropriate for your situation and how it can be beneficial in managing financial emergencies effectively. Now let's delve into understanding the benefits of emergency same day loans for your financial strategy.

Understanding the Benefits of Emergency Same Day Loans for Your Financial Strategy

Recognizing the advantages of same-day payday loans is vital for creating a robust financial plan that can withstand unforeseen challenges. These benefits define Focus Financial's services as an excellent choice for those whose needs require immediate financial attention, no matter what the circumstance may be.

Benefits Description Impact
Quick Approval Applications are processed within hours during business days. Provides fast access to funds.
No Credit Checks Approval based on banking activity instead. Enables borrowing with bad credit or past bankruptcies.
Convenient Process Entirely digital application and instant bank verification integrated. Streamlines closing process and saves time.
Flexible Borrowing Limits Loans from $100 up to $1,500 available. Tailors loan amount to individual needs.
Secure Transactions Uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) best practices. Ensures personal data safety.

In another light, let's delve deeper into navigating urgent loan solutions in the realm of emergency loans.

Urgent Loan Solutions: Navigating the World of Emergency Loans

Urgent loan solutions, such as those provided by Focus Financial, offer a lifeline for individuals grappling with financial instability due to bad credit in Canada. These emergency loans are not only accessible but also streamlined for easy application, making them a viable consideration when immediate financial resolution is required. Understanding the process of applying online and appreciating the benefits they confer can provide invaluable support during times of economic uncertainty.

How Urgent Loans for Bad Credit in Canada Enhance Your Financial Stability

Securing urgent loans for bad credit from Focus Financial can provide a lifeline to individuals experiencing financial distress, thus contributing to their overall fiscal stability. Despite having bad credit or past bankruptcies, borrowers can confidently approach this digital platform knowing that the company's decision isn't based on these factors but rather on banking activity. This innovative approach widens the financial safety net for those who might otherwise be denied access to emergency funds due to poor credit histories. The absence of hidden fees and an entirely online application process further enhance accessibility and convenience, fostering better management of unforeseen financial demands. With these attributes in place, let us delve deeper into what makes urgent loans from Focus Financial highly accessible and easy to apply without using complex procedures.

What Makes Urgent Loan Accessible and Easy to Apply

The accessibility and ease of application for urgent loans can be attributed to several innovative features. Focus Financial simplifies the process by offering a completely digital application that is available around the clock. This online nature eliminates the need for physical documentation, making it both efficient and environmentally friendly. Instant banking verification is integrated into this process, further facilitating quick loan approval usually within an hour during business hours. The absence of credit checks allows more Canadians to qualify regardless of past financial mishaps. These factors contribute significantly to the convenience and speediness associated with obtaining an urgent loan from Focus Financial. In certain situations where immediate financial intervention is required, these are invaluable characteristics, leading us to examine when considering emergency loans in Canada becomes fast and easy solutions.

When to Consider Emergency Loan in Canada for Fast and Easy Solutions

In situations where an unexpected financial burden arises, considering the accessibility of a fast and convenient solution like a payday loan can be beneficial. Such circumstances may include sudden medical emergencies, urgent car repairs, or unexpected home maintenance costs. Focus Financial's online lending services cater specifically to these unforeseen instances by offering emergency loans in Canada that are quick and easy to apply for. The company provides an entirely digital application process that is available 24/7, ensuring applicants can access funds swiftly when needed most. Importantly, there's no credit check required, making it feasible even for those with bad or no credit history. Looking ahead, familiarity with the online application procedure for emergency loans will prove advantageous.

Understanding the Process of Applying for Emergency Loans Online

Upon identifying the need for an emergency loan in Canada, the next step involves understanding the application process. This procedure is simplified and expedited by Focus Financial's digital platform. Applicants are required to provide basic personal and employment information, meeting certain criteria such as minimum income requirement and a stable bank account where their income is deposited. The absence of credit checks allows approval based on banking activity, enabling people with bad or no credit history to also access these loans. Applications undergo same-day processing during business hours, often receiving approval within an hour. Following this comprehensive elucidation of the application process, it would be beneficial to explore the advantages of using urgent loan solutions for financial support from Focus Financial.

The Advantages of Using Urgent Loan Solutions for Financial Support

Opting for urgent loan solutions presents several advantages, particularly when facing unexpected financial challenges.

  • Speed: Focus Financial provides quick approval times, typically within an hour during business hours.
  • Convenience: The application process is entirely online and available 24/7.
  • Accessibility: Approval does not depend on credit history but rather on banking activity, making it a viable option even for those with bad credit or past bankruptcies.
  • Transparency: All fees are clearly stated upfront with no hidden charges.
  • Security: Applicants' personal information is securely processed following industry best practices.

These benefits underscore the value of utilizing such services in times of financial distress. In the subsequent section, insights will be provided to maximize the potential advantages of emergency loans from Focus Financial.

Making the Most of Emergency Loans: Tips and Insights

Emergency loans in Canada, such as those provided by Focus Financial, serve as important financial lifelines in unanticipated situations, providing timely and necessary support. They offer unique benefits that can be instrumental to individuals dealing with sudden fiscal challenges. In understanding when and how to utilize these services optimally, one can navigate through financial emergencies effectively while minimising potential economic distress.

How to Utilize Emergency Loans in Canada for Your Advantage

Securing a payday loan from Focus Financial can provide swift financial relief in times of unforeseen expenses or emergencies, ensuring you meet your short-term monetary needs. Available to individuals earning at least $1,200 monthly and aged 19 and above, these loans offer quick access to funds up to $1,500. The application process is entirely digital and decisions are made swiftly based on banking activity rather than credit history. The transparency ensures that the borrowers understand the terms with no hidden charges. With funds typically available within 30 minutes of approval via email transfer, emergency loans can be deployed promptly for urgent matters. This makes it crucial to examine how these loans can serve as a financial lifeline in unexpected situations.

Why Emergency Loans Are a Financial Lifeline in Unexpected Situations

The reliance on short-term payday loans can be seen as a valuable financial aid for individuals facing unexpected monetary challenges. Focus Financial's emergency loans serve as a financial lifeline in Canada due to several reasons:

  • They provide quick access to funds, often within an hour during business hours.
  • The approval process is streamlined and doesn't require credit checks, making it accessible even to those with poor credit history.
  • The loan amount can be tailored to the borrower's needs, from $100 up to $1,500.
  • By offering transparency in fees and interest rates, borrowers are aware of their obligations upfront.

These factors make emergency loans from Focus Financial an effective solution during financial emergencies. This leads us into discussing when one should consider turning to such lenders for financial support.

When to Consider Emergency Loan Companies for Financial Support

Unforeseen monetary challenges may necessitate the need to seek assistance from companies offering short-term payday loans. Such instances might include unexpected medical expenses, sudden home or car repairs, or unforeseen bills that exceed budgetary allowances.

Situation Need for Loan Possible Solution
Medical Expenses High cost of treatment Payday loan covers immediate costs
Car Repairs Urgent need for transportation Short-term loan enables quick fixes
Unexpected Bills Exceeds monthly budget An emergency loan can bridge the gap

Focus Financial is an option worth considering in these scenarios as it offers fast and convenient online payday loans. This allows individuals facing abrupt financial dilemmas to secure necessary funds swiftly. The subsequent section will delve into understanding the benefits offered by top-tier emergency loans in Canada such as those provided by Focus Financial.

Understanding the Benefits of the Best Emergency Loans in Canada

Understanding the advantages of top-tier short-term payday lenders is crucial when navigating abrupt financial challenges. The best emergency loans in Canada, such as those provided by Focus Financial, offer numerous benefits. They provide a rapid and fully digital application process, often with same-day approval during business hours. These loans are accessible to applicants with varying credit backgrounds as no credit checks are performed. Moreover, loan amounts can range from $100 up to $1,500 based on the borrower's income level. Additionally, Focus Financial emphasizes transparency with clearly defined fees of $15 per $100 borrowed and instant banking verification for secure transactions. As we proceed further into this topic, let's explore how these emergency loans play a significant role in managing unexpected financial hurdles.

The Role of Emergency Loans in Managing Unexpected Financial Challenges

Abrupt fiscal difficulties can be effectively managed through the strategic utilization of short-term lending solutions like payday loans. These emergency loans, provided by Focus Financial, play a pivotal role in mitigating sudden financial burdens. They serve as an immediate monetary aid to cover unexpected expenses or cash flow issues that could otherwise lead to serious financial repercussions. In contrast to traditional bank loans, these provide swift access to funds without the need for credit checks or collateral, making them particularly beneficial for those with less than perfect credit history. However, it is crucial that borrowers comprehend the specific terms and conditions tied to these loans, including fees and repayment schedules, ensuring a responsible borrowing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Loans and Payday Loans in Canada

Emergency loans in Canada are short-term payday loans designed to provide fast cash to individuals facing unexpected financial crises. These loans serve as a quick funding option when urgent expenses arise and access to other credit sources may be limited. Emergency loans are generally unsecured, requiring no collateral. They involve a straightforward application process with quick approval times, often on the same day of applying during business hours. The loan amounts usually range between $100-$1500. With easy eligibility criteria, emergency loans are accessible even to borrowers with poor credit histories as there are no credit checks. While interest rates are higher than traditional loans, these payday loans offer the benefit of fast cash when it is urgently needed.
You can qualify for emergency loans in Canada even if you have bad credit or no credit history. Lenders like Focus Financial offer loans based on your banking activity rather than running credit checks. The basic requirements are that you are a Canadian citizen/permanent resident aged 19+ years old and have a regular income of at least $1200 per month from validated sources like employment, government benefits, pensions etc. As long as you have an active chequing account where the income is directly deposited, you can apply for these emergency loans despite your past credit issues. The easy eligibility makes these payday loans accessible to those with bad credit who may not qualify for other traditional loan options.
Emergency loans in Canada are worth considering when you need immediate cash to deal with pressing and unexpected financial situations. Common circumstances where emergency loans can be useful include sudden medical emergencies, home or car repairs that need urgent attention, utility bills that must be paid immediately, funeral expenses etc. Since emergency loans provide quick access to cash, usually on the same day, they act as a financial lifeline when you need funds quickly and lack other credit options. If you need a few hundred dollars right away due to an unforeseen expense, an emergency loan can be the fastest financing solution.
The process of getting emergency loans in Canada with bad credit is quick and simple: 1. Find a licensed direct lender like Focus Financial and fill out a short online application form. You'll need to provide basic personal and employment details. 2. The lender will verify your banking information through instant bank verification but won't run a credit check. 3. You'll get a fast decision, often within an hour during business hours. No physical paperwork or collateral required. 4. If approved, the loan amount will be directly deposited into your bank account via e-transfer, usually within 30 minutes. Since there are no credit checks, emergency loans are accessible for those with bad credit. The funds can be in your account on the same day you apply, providing financial relief when you need it urgently.
Emergency loans in Canada offer several unique benefits: – Fast cash – Funds are deposited directly into your account, often within an hour of approval during business hours. – Accessible for bad credit – Eligibility is based on income, not credit score. No invasive credit checks. – Easy application – 100% online process, no paperwork or faxing documents needed. – Flexible loan amounts – Borrow up to $1500 based on your requirements. – No collateral required – The loans are unsecured, so you don't need an asset to pledge. – Transparent terms – Fees and interest rates are clearly specified upfront. The quick funding and flexible borrowing make emergency loans helpful in covering unexpected costs on short notice, especially when you have limited alternatives.
Most direct lenders like Focus Financial offer emergency loan amounts between $100 to $1500 in Canada. The maximum you can borrow may depend on factors like your income, the lender's policies, and provincial regulations. For instance, in Ontario and Alberta, you can borrow up to 50% of your net pay or up to $1500. Even with bad credit, you can access emergency loan amounts to cover small urgent expenses. The amount is directly transferred to your bank account once you are approved.
Emergency loans are available to eligible residents across Canada, irrespective of which province or city you live in. As many lenders like Focus Financial operate online, you can conveniently apply for an emergency loan from anywhere in Canada through their website or mobile app. The entire process from application to receiving funds is digital. You just need internet access to get an emergency loan in any Canadian province. Some major cities where you can access emergency loans include Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Winnipeg.
One of the top benefits of emergency loans in Canada is quick access to cash, usually on the same day you apply during business hours. After submitting an online application, lenders like Focus Financial can deposit the approved loan amount directly into your bank account within 30 minutes. If you apply early in the day, you may get the emergency cash into your account in as little as 1 hour after approval. This makes emergency loans one of the fastest ways to get emergency cash when you need it immediately.
Payday loans can provide quick financial relief during an emergency when you need money urgently and have exhausted other options. If an unexpected expense has caused a cash crunch before your next paycheque, a payday loan up to $1500 can help bridge the gap. However, it is wise to consider a payday loan only for real emergencies and short-term needs. The higher interest rates make them unsuitable for long term borrowing. Consider your repayment capacity before applying. If used judiciously for genuine emergencies, payday loans can be a beneficial emergency funding option.
During financial emergencies, emergency loans can provide critical monetary aid when you need to cover urgent or unexpected expenses and access to funds is constrained. Emergencies can strike anyone unexpectedly, even those with poor credit. Emergency loans offer: – Vital cash infusion to deal with pressing needs before your next paycheque. – Swift access to funds with minimal eligibility criteria. – Short repayment terms so you don't face prolonged debt burdens. By providing timely funding despite bad credit, emergency loans can mitigate the impact of a financial emergency. But borrowers should have a repayment plan in place.